Where Can I Learn How To Attach Solar Panels To My Roof With Solar Racking?


You can learn how to attach solar panels to your roof by researching online or by talking to a professional roofer. You can even have local experts do it for you, if you’re not comfortable taking it on by yourself. Doing it yourself is not horribly complicated, though you must be aware of the various different factors that are involved. Possibly the most important thing to be careful of is that you firmly bolt both the solar racking and solar panels in place on to the middle of the rafters. This will keep them secure.

Something to be aware of when installing solar panels is not necessarily the mass of installation or the worry over the roof falling in, but the concern that the wind will pull the solar racking off the roof with it’s force. This means it’s very important for the racking to be attached to the roof with careful precision, with the bolting being attached not just to the sheathing, but to the roof itself. Finding the exact center of the rafters is the best position to ensure that the installation in place, so taking the time to find it can be beneficial.

Attaching an installation to a flat roof is entirely different from doing it to a slanted roof, as it is necessary to build scaffolding. This is so that you have the necessary angle to catch the sun’s rays, at a tilt. Be aware that the type of material on your roof will potentially up the cost, as roof tiles cost more than composite or asphalt roofing. The latter are the easiest to work with, because they don’t require as much time or caution as tile.

The placement of your panels can make or break the amount of energy your panels produce and are something you should consider carefully. Avoid placing them near any wooded or tree filled areas, as any shadows that cast over the panels with hinder their facility to make energy. Also, your house will cast a shadow that varies by approximately 20ft in the winter months, so factor this in to your placement calculations. Panels that fall under shadow will not be effective at producing electricity, and are thus a waste of time and money.

Solar racking needed to be attached to the rafters in such a way that they place the panels as close to perpendicular as possible. This will maximize the amount of electricity that’s produced. Because of the different placement of the sun in the sky throughout the year, you will have to be sure to adjust your panels accordingly (approximately four times a year).

To find out more about solar racking and how to install it on your roof, check online or talk to a professional roofer.

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