Solar Panels and Government Incentives


Many people will be concerned about rising electricity prices, especially with the knowledge that because of potential fuel shortages they are only going to get higher. The country’s dependency on fossil fuels is something the government has tried to tackle by building wind farms, but getting past local communities, which are often very vocal in their displeasure, has led to the scheme being unpopular with large parts of the country.

Because ambitious targets have been set regarding reducing our national carbon footprint, the government has been thinking of novel ways to help encourage the nation to join in. These financial rewards will only be seen as a bonus by everyone who is aware of the damage that climate change will do all over the world and is looking for a way to cut their individual carbon footprint. And considering solar panels will save about a tonne of carbon dioxide every year, there are few better ways to do so.

And yet because of the high price of installing solar panels the government has realised the part it needs to play in encouraging people who would like to help out but are concerned about the financial implications. And that’s why with payments being made based on the amount of electricity generated (from a ‘Feed in Tariff’) people installing solar panels will see the amount they invest double or even triple over 25 years.

And this kind of return is despite the fact that because of the higher than anticipated uptake of the scheme the price for electricity generated is set to fall. Meanwhile, companies installing solar panels have taken this into consideration and started offering special discounted prices.

And there’s more good news, as advances in technology and an effort by installation companies to retain interest in solar panels means that installation costs are always falling. So it’s not just the government providing incentives to go green and help power your own home. And considering the fact that almost any home can accommodate the panels, the savings made in the long term may be the only argument worth listening to.

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