How Much Can You Save By Switching To Solar Power?


Years of electricity by burning fossil fuels has greatly compromised the environment during the last several years. Every nation in the world today is aware of the harmful effects of global warming, and governments are speeding up the attempts to reduce its effects on the planet. Among many such campaigns is the endorsement of solar power systems that will reduce emission of hazardous gases and produce a cleaner form of electricity. To entice use of this alternative energy source, governments of developed countries for example the U.S., UK, France, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan etc are providing subsidies and tax benefits to the people who place solar electricity systems in their homes and offices.

Optimal Use of Solar Power in Maryland

Solar powered energy is quickly becoming a popular source of renewable energy in the U.S., particularly in the state of Maryland. To overcome the growing costs of electricity created by fossil fuels and nuclear plants, the state of Maryland has taken steps to make the most of the abundant solar energy. According to a report, the amount of solar energy created in the state has raised from 100 kilowatts in the year 2006 to 15 megawatts at present, which is a whopping 15,000 percent increase in just five years.

Ian Hames, the spokesperson for Maryland Energy Administration, outlined the process of solar energy generation, explaining how the wholesale solar panels, that are an integral part of the solar power setup, collect energy through the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity. This will then be converted to a current utilized to run appliances at homes and places of work. For this, the panels have to be mounted either on roof tops or on the ground, and really should ideally be exposed southwards for optimum utilization of sunlight available throughout the day.

Estimating Solar Power Costs

You could lower your energy costs to a great extent should you change to a solar power system. With almost all solar providers supplying clear-cut estimations of your solar energy costs, it’s very easy to determine just how much you would be saving on your future energy bills. Simply by looking at factors like the size and alignment of the roof, the amount of sunlight that the site is exposed to, as well as your current electricity bills, you can certainly get a clear idea of how much you have to spend for installation and how much you will be saving on energy down the road. Besides that, the state of Maryland also features a Residential Clean Energy Grant Program and a Commercial Clean Energy Grant Program, in which home and business owners are granted financial aid for setting up solar panel power systems at their premises.

Taking into consideration the savings, the government incentives along with the positive effect on the environment, usage of solar power can be quite a good way to cut costs and also do your bit for the earth. With fossil fuel prices growing constantly, soon there will be no other option anyway. In this context, this initiative by the state of Maryland is certainly one that other states should learn from.

Carrie Haley is a followed author covering environmental issues of all kinds. He’s written for Helios for a long time covering solar panel manufacturers who make sustainable forms of energy for people to use instead of fossil fuel based engines.


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