Eight Tips to Decide on the top Photo Voltaic Panel to Use on your Household


Many of us are moving towards employing solar power for electricity. Not only does this help in conservation of natural resources for a bit more longer, but also reduces one’s electricity expenses. If solar panels (AKA solar modulars) installation is what you are considering for your home and just do not understand how to find the best, then this is for you.

The commonest aspects that go into account when buying a solar panel is cost, performance and sturdiness. That said , there are many other technical factors that perform a part in helping you select the right solar panel for your house. Mentioned below are the key points:

1. Geographical Location: First check if the solar panel is capable of countering the scale of weather changes in your location. As an example, if you live in a high wind or snow load locality, then you must make sure that the panels are certified to handle these loads. Else, it is completely valueless.

2. Panel Box: Since the home solar panels will get left outside, mostly on the roof of your home, you have to look for a panel box that is tough enough to stand up to the changes in weather and keep the panels safe from dust. This in turn makes your solar panels last for longer. Ensure that the glass cover also is strong and clear enough to reduce glazing.

3. Weight of the solar panels: Since the solar panels are engineered to be mounted on the roof of your house, it is very important to select a panel that is light in weight. This could not stress your roof. The continuing solar panels are the very best.

4. UL or ETL listed: Ensure that the solar panel is either UL or ETL listed. Both these are recognized as NRTL (Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratory). This basically means the solar panel is tested rigorously for electrical safety.

5. Water tight design: The solar panels have to be water tight, in other words, it should be able to keep moisture out, since it can have an effect on the PV (photovoltaic) cells, which decreases potency.

6. Manufacturer information: Generally look for solar panels that are made in automated plants, since this guarantees higher quality. Also choose a manufacturer which has been in business for a longer time with a good money record. Else the following point becomes worthless.

7. Warranty: Solar panels with a minimal 5 year manufacturer warranty and about 25 years performance guaranty should be a good purchase. Though such solar panels might seem a little costly, the product will last for longer, thus cutting out maintenance or replacement costs.

8. Product review or ratings: Look for appraisals of the product. This will help in getting the most accurate and helpful info from people who’ve already had an experience of utilizing the precise solar panels. Select the high rated solar panels.

Buying solar panels could be quite costly and clearly, virtually all look for products that need one time investment. Frequent replacements make it very expensive and unpleasant. Therefore a good research before selecting to buy solar panels is critical.

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