A Completely Honest and All Encompassing Guide to Solar vs Grid Power Alternatives


It might seem that the continued increases in Grid Power costs are intended to force people into converting their homes to Solar Power. Each month the electric bill just keeps getting higher, and people sit bundled up trying to stay warm in the winter, and shutting off the central air system during the summer. Let’s take a look at solar power vs grid power.

Solar North is established by using a compass and a protractor, during the peak hours of the strongest sunshine. These calculations are required to determine what angle at which to set the solar panels for optimum efficiency. This is an average for year round sun source, and is vital to choosing the number of panels and batteries needed to have free energy all year.

Most installations have the panels mounted on the roof of the home, or building, and there might be some local codes, or insurance requirements involved. There should be enough room between the panels for EMT personnel to navigate while on the roof, attempting to fight a fire. There are also requirements for having an exterior shut off switch which is clearly labeled for emergency crews.

If the home is already wired for Grid power, the electrical lines from the solar unit are usually brought into the home at the same point. This makes it easier to install, maintain and troubleshoot. Batteries will take up some room, and should be easy to access when checking them for water levels. They should also be properly vented to allow gases to escape to the exterior of the home.

A dual switching system is installed to allow a choice of either Grid, or Solar operation. This switching mechanism is usually installed beside the Grid breaker panel, and all other sun supplied devices are connected to the new switch. The configuration can vary, but there are also automatic detection units to monitor the sun side electricity and switches back to the power company should there be a need.

A full installation is configured to accommodate all of the electrical needs for the entire household. There can be partial installations that only supply electricity to the most expensive appliances and the heating and air conditioning systems. Most homeowners soon realize a full installation allows them complete freedom from local electric companies, and the opportunity to keep the thermostat at a level that provides the most human comfort.

Commercially generated electricity can cost several hundred dollars a month in electric bills. Calculating for an entire year comes out to several thousand dollars, all of which could easily have helped pay for a complete conversion to solar efficiency. It might be nice to never have to worry about keeping the thermostat lower and lower to reduce monthly expenses.

Solar power vs grid power can also boil down to a possibility of selling excess electricity back to the local electric company. When people start having these systems installed, they do a little math to determine how much more it would cost, to increase their panels and batteries, to allow them to make a profit off selling electricity back to the locals.

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