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Strauss Brands Launches 1LB Challenge

Strauss Brands Launches 1LB Challenge
If every American household purchased 1LB of American-raised, grass finished beef each week we could preserve more than a million acres of grasslands and keep millions of pounds of toxic chemicals off our land and out of our water, annually. Won’t you join us? (PRNewsfoto/Strauss Brands)

FRANKLIN, Wis.March 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Strauss Brands, leader in ethical and sustainable livestock practices, continues its commitment to environmental stewardship with the launch of its 1LB Challenge consumer awareness campaign.

Designed to educate consumers on the powerful role their purchases can play in restoring America’s vulnerable pasture-based ecosystem, “The Challenge” asks consumers to reconsider their choices in the grocery store, and more specifically, the meat aisle.

Retail sales of labeled grass fed beef reached $272 million in 2016, up from $17 million in 2012 and doubling every year since1. Yet, as much as 75 percent of grass fed beef originates overseas. As a result, many parts of America’s interconnected ecosystem miss out on crucial environmental and economic benefits well-managed American grass fed beef pasture grazing operations can provide.

“Every consumer has the power to cast a vote with their purchase – we want consumers to understand how one small change in the meat aisle, repeated regularly, can contribute to a greener tomorrow,” said Randy Strauss, CEO and Co-President, Strauss Brands. “When consumers choose American grass fed and finished beef, they support U.S. family farmers’ efforts to preserve and protect our food supply for future generations.”

Grass fed beef, when produced using regenerative grazing practices, uses significantly less fossil fuels and chemicals per acre as compared to traditional tilled crop land. Pasture-based farming significantly reduces erosion, regenerates top soil and keeps tons of toxic chemicals off our lands and out of our waterways.

“If every American household commits to substituting 1lb of grain-finished beef with 1lb of American-raised grass fed, grass finished each week, we could reduce annual topsoil erosion, reduce toxic chemical run-off and reverse the effects of Dead Zone pollution in the Gulf of Mexico,” says Strauss. “We recognize this challenge might mean paying a few dollars more in the grocery store, but our generation has a choice – we can either pay for our decisions now, or pay more for them later.”

Accept the 1LB Challenge:

  1. Get informed. Learn more about the impact your family can make when you choose to support American family farmers practicing sustainable land management.
  2. Make the commitment. Pledge your support of America’s farmers who manage their land sustainably and produce grass fed, grass finished beef. In return, Strauss Brands will provide a special offer for 5lbs of ground beef for $25 + free shipping through Strauss Brands’ online store, Free Raised® Direct.
  3. Cast your vote with your purchase. Find a retailer near you – use Strauss’ product locator to purchase in-store.
  4. Talk to Your Butcher – look for “raised in the USA” on your product package. Don’t be fooled by deceptive “product of USA” labeling.

To learn more about the work Strauss American family farmers are doing to protect our Earth and Strauss’ commitment to environmental stewardship via partnerships with non-profit partners such as the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and American Prairie Reserve, visit 1LBChallenge.com.

About Strauss Brands:

With more than 80 years of experience in restaurants and grocery stores, Strauss Brands is a leader in the meat industry, offering grass fed and finished beef, humanely-raised veal and lamb. Strauss is built around the quality of their meat, the humane treatment of animals and providing environmental sustainability through their growing network of American family farms. Strauss Brands recently expanded to offer consumers the option to get the same chef-quality meat delivered with their online store, Strauss Free Raised® Direct. Stay connected with Strauss Brands – “Like” and follow Strauss Brands on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for brand updates, industry news, and stories from our farmers.

1 “Back to Grass: The Market Potential for U.S. Grassfed Beef.”
Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, https://www.stonebarnscenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Grassfed_Full_v2.pdf.

Contact Information:
Jenny Englert
Marketing Communications Manager
414-421-5250 (x349)

SOURCE Strauss Brands

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