A Complete Guide to Purchasing the Most Useful Solar Racking Equipment

solar power panels

The mounting of a solar panel can increase or reduce installation cost depending on technology and human labor involved. The choice of solar racking equipment is essential in determine safety and production capacity of your solar energy system. Damages that can occur during panel installation should be anticipated and prevented before buying equipment to avoid panel and roof destruction. These are some of factors that can determine suitable racking equipment for a solar panel.

Financial viability: People opting to invest in solar panels aims to minimize their energy cost. In many cases poor selection of racks considerably increases the cost of buying and installing a solar system. Rack producers use a wide range of materials and they weigh different. The bigger and heavier a rack is the more manpower it demands during installation. To economically install a solar panel the rack should be easy to put in place in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, a consumer can go for a seller who offers free installation.

Mounting methods: There are two types of mounting namely roof or ground mounting. Racks are designed for either roof or ground mounting and when buying, consumers should be careful in identifying which option works best for them. Different racking equipments have unequal capacities to withstand rain, ice, snow and wind thus these hazards determines durability. Customers should compare drilling and cutting involved during installation of various racks and the way they will affect the building. Installation is affected by the flatness or sloppiness of the rooftop or floor determining panel angling. The aspect of dismantling and assembling of racks during roof repairs or system upgrading is also important. Nicely installed racks complement the appearance of premises

Production capacity: Panel angles affects sunlight absorption and a rack must allow angling where full energy generation capacity can be realized. The angle is also determined by the time of the day when more solar power is needed. Proper angling minimizes reflectivity which reduces light absorption resulting to lowered power production.

Solar rack strength: Solar panels have differences in weight thus the strength and durability of a rack is a subject to the weight it is supporting. Week and cheap racks can be a recipe for tragedy if they cannot support a panel for a long duration of time. The rack should hold the solar panel six inches above the surface beneath to reduce overheating through increased air circulation. Panels should be strongly secured as they are heavy and delicate and they are less likely to survive after falling.

Flexibility: System expansion requires buying of bigger panels and the racks should be able to mount different types of panels. It is not economical to purchase new racking equipment every time the system is upgraded. The racks should provide room for easy access during cleaning and maintenance to improve system efficiency. Some racks have automatic or manually adjustable frames allowing better angling while mounting on either sloping or flat surfaces. Some Manufactures produce suitable racks for their panels and it is better to inquire from those who have the necessary expertise.

Solar racks are categorized as a consumer durable type of good thus taste and preferences should be guided by information gathered. You do not want your investment to go down the drain, waking up and finding the panel stolen or broken. Buy and use proper solar racking equipment to avoid mistakes that will leave you wondering what went wrong.

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