The Solar Energy Advantages of Paint-like Solar Cells


Increasingly, more companies today are getting aggressive in their efforts toward the development of solar panel technology along with finding reliable strategies to harvest the limitless energy from the sun. Among them is Mitsubishi. Over the last few years, smashing the Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Cell Efficiency record and also the unveiling of the Electronic Vehicle Charging Station manifested the company’s active participation in solar technology research and development. These achievements have made them a well known solar industry leader today.

Lately, a brand new type of development was unveiled, the Spray-on Solar Cells. This technology enables solar cells to be applied to surfaces of houses, vehicles and sometimes even on clothing, similar to the use of paint. This could potentially mean a brighter future in harvesting probably the most of solar energy advantages.

Solar cells are photoelectric cells intended to turn sunlight into electricity. They contain layers of specially created silicon. These products are used to supply power to satellites, other devices as well as a primary resource for electricity especially in remote places where traditional electricity and power suppliers cannot reach.

Mitsubishi’s Paint-like Solar Panels use carbon compounds, when dried and solidified, function as semiconductors and produce electricity due to contact with sunlight. The company is definitely the first ever to set-up a prototype of a paint-like solar cell with less than 1 mm thickness and weigh under a tenth of crystalline solar panels of the same dimension.

At present the 10.1% conversion level of light energy into electricity will have very far to go to get to the 20% standard in conventional crystalline silicon solar cells. But Mitsubishi is positive to get to the 15% level by 2015 and ultimately, 20%.

There are other organizations that are already focusing on exactly the same research, but there aren’t any commercial products that are in the market yet. If the breakthrough knowledge of spray-on solar cell technology succeeds, people at any area of the earth are going to have the opportunity to enjoy innovative and non-depleting electric source and power for, among other things, getting office and home devices working, heating and cooling buildings and getting vehicles running. And ultimately, the effective use of solar energy advantages might become a component of everyone’s everyday life.

However, currently, solar cells are still too costly for commercial generation of electricity. The reason is definitely the limited production of these new devices since there are yet few businesses that would like to invest to get their innovations into mass production. This may just be due to the response of consumers-who still ought to be assured on the reliability and viability of this particular abundant power source just like something they get from traditional sources that they’ve relied upon for a long time. Considering the joint and increased efforts of governments and private business sectors in supporting this technology, these new solar energy producing products and devices will in the end become affordable to all areas of the earth.

As part of our little contribution as informed consumers, everyone of us can actually assist in this campaign through the use of solar powered-energy beginning from our small personal and home devices.

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