The Pros and Cons of Solar Panels


With energy prices constantly on the rise and a growing anxiety over our dependency on fossil fuels and the effects of climate change, it’s fair to say that the benefits of renewable energy far outweigh any downsides. And while plenty of people complain about wind turbines being a blight on the landscape, the same cannot be said about solar panels, which take up little room while providing major energy.

Another pro for solar panels is that they can be installed almost anywhere. While shade will obviously stop them from working, direct sunlight isn’t necessary for the panels to generate electricity – good news for Britain. Installation companies will confirm whether solar panels will be effective on your roof, and can help you out should you need to apply for planning permission.

The initial cost of installing the panels is a deterrent for some – depending on how many panels you want you’ll be paying thousands of pounds. But the savings on your electricity bill will begin right away and the government will pay you for the electricity you generate, tax-free for a fixed period of 25 years.

While people will be delighted at the money that they can save by installing solar panels, they will also be happy to know that they are benefitting the environment. The concern about climate change is greater than ever, and we know that the production of carbon dioxide is a contributing factor to this. The fact that a solar panel system can save as much as a tonne of carbon dioxide a year makes it an attractive option for people who care about the environment as well as their wallets.

Even without the benefits that a solar panel system provides to the environment, at a time when energy prices are a premium, the savings are considerable enough to convince many to find out if their property is capable of housing solar panels. The news that a 4Kw system could return as much as 40,000 in real terms over its 25-year lifetime should be enough to make anyone enquire immediately.

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