The Powerful German Engineered Scheuten Solar Multisol Product Range


The effectively designed Scheuten Multisol PV modules are now available on the Solar Systems USA online store. The products come with a combination of cutting edge technology design coupled with effective performance. The German manufacturers are an established brand specializing in innovative products in the energy sector.

As a leading renewable energy solutions provider, Scheuten has been in operation for over sixty years a time over which they have established themselves as a real powerhouse. Over time, the company has built a portfolio of products with high performance indices in various reviews.

The claim to durability is not based on conjecture but it is a feature that can be proven in practical tests. the panels come with anodized frames and hollow chambers for greater levels of sturdiness. This is in addition to the fact that they have corner keys in place of screws to guarantee firmness and durability wherever they are fixed.

The ten year workmanship and materials warranty is another feature that will gladden homeowners but that is not all there is. The modules come with a guaranteed 92 % performance in the initial ten years of their lifetime. Over 25 years, the company guarantees a performance of 83% in efficiency. These figures are many times over what the nearest competition can offer.

The Multisol range of PV modules are made from the highest quality of photo-voltaic cells to guarantee robust performance. Their power tolerance for instance is decidedly superior compared to competing offers. The fact that they are available in both mono and poly-crystalline specification provides further testament as to their suitability.

The modules are also unique in the sense that they come in a number of variants to suit different budgets and energy requirements. Whether the installation is required for domestic or industrial needs, there is adequate variety to provide for this. The panels are also built to suit the requirements of the consumer whether to be installed on the roof or in open fields.

Consumers concerned about environmental conservation will be glad to hear about Scheuten’s environmental credentials. The company prides itself as being more than a developer of renewable energy solutions. The company is a proud member of PV cycle recycling program and is ISO certified.

The company puts a lot of emphasis on quality of all the products in from the factory floor to packaging. Excellent quality control measures ensure that each module sold has been tested for efficiency and durability standards. Moreover, customers can be able to track each module output by using the serial number alone.

Achieving energy efficiency at residential and industrial applications is a goal that many aspire to but often have limited ability to attain. While there is no shortage of green energy alternatives being touted as ideal replacement for the ozone depleting fossil fuels, solar is decidedly way ahead among them. It is for this reason that Scheuten Multisol PV modules are way ahead in provision of affordable and clean energy.

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