Remarkable Energy Savings Using Solar Thermal


Energy conservation with solar thermal is more than a possibility. With the right system energy can not only be conserved but also generated for a multitude of different purposes. It makes it possible to convert sunlight directly to electricity. This very simple system is so effective that it is a wonder that it has not been tried before now.

The standard flat metal boxes, feature hardy plastic covers and contain collector plates. The standard collector plates are made of copper or aluminium, and also coated with a range of coatings specifically designed to collect and store the incoming heat, until it is needed as electricity.

The standard system is most often installed on roof tops for maximum effectiveness. Each system contains a very unique circuit which is either filled with water or a combination of water and anti freeze, depending on the climate it is installed in. The heat is transferred to the liquid in the circuit and then carried through to the water tank. Most systems are driven by a pump but a solar water heater will be driven by a special siphoning system. This means a constant supply of heat or hot water, as and when needed.

For homes that have intermittent supplies from the main power grid, this system has proven to be really effective in many cases. Not only does this system conserve energy as a whole but it can also save a great deal of money. Fast installations and a simple set up, means real power when it is most needed.

The benefits for commercial and industrial uses can be multiple. The right system can replace a major drain on the power grid by providing passive solar heating to larger buildings, in a commercial instance. For industrial purposes it can reduce costs fairly effectively. Less power being drawn from the grid means less demand on the industry.

One of the major benefits of solar heating is that there is less use made of natural resources, which are becoming very scarce. Solar power can even be used to to drive turbines and create electricity which can be fed into the grid itself. By making use of natural, renewable resources, will make for a much brighter and healthier future, for the next generations.

The really great thing about this future thinking system is that it can be used by the average man in the street right through to very large industrial complexes. This means a more Eco friendly environment and less drain on planetary resources itself. The benefits far outweigh any initial cost outlay and inconvenience of adapting to a new and improved system.

The initial set up costs may seem a little excessive but the long term benefits of this system will actual see a major cost saving. This means no carbon foot print, no pollution and no drain on limited resources. It also means less household and business overhead expenses, which results in a significant savings on the budget, in general.

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