Is planning permission required before installing solar panels?


A viable source of energy, in the form of solar panels, are rising in popularity stakes. At one time, they were financially out of reach for the typical home owner but, consistent with many other technology-based products, the price has dropped and suddenly become something to consider for many more people. There is an increasing demand for an additional energy source on the market as solar panels look to make a huge impact, and on an international level.

There are two kinds of solar panels with one being a photovoltaic panel, capable of producing its own electricity. The other heats water as it passes through the tube. Generally, planning permission isn’t required but it is always safer to check with your local council as there are some circumstances where it is needed before solar panels can be installed. If you live in a listed building, you will need planning permission and in a conversation area, even though it is generally not required except if you are planning on having them on the same side as a road.

With solar panels installed, you can return excess energy to the grid which your electric company will pay you for. As they charge for supplying you with electricity, they also pay for it. You can now use energy from the grid instead of having to reply on an elaborate in-home battery.

Further, there are solar power and off-grid options and if one is installed in a home with the required number of panels, it can be completely separate from the power grid, becoming self-sufficient. The only way this would likely be an option is if you own a large amount of land so the system can be set up. One of the biggest issues that comes with PV panels is that they only generate a small amount of electricity when compared to the size of them. The amount of viable electricity which can be produced is dependent upon how many number of panels installed.

There are some countries which have embraced solar panels such as Spain, where it is compulsory for solar panels to be installed in any renovations of old buildings, as well as in new ones.

There are lots of solar panel suppliers around, but make sure you go for an approved vendor.


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