Is It Difficult To Learn To Attach Solar Panels To My Roof Using Solar Racking?


Learning how to attach solar panels to your roof is not overly difficult, though there are aspects of the installation you must be careful about which could impact the safety of the process or the longevity of the product. The process involves using bolts to attach the solar racking to the roof of your home, which then gives you the foundation you need to attach the solar panels.

When installing solar panels it is good to know it’s not necessarily the mass of installation or the worry over the roof not supporting the weight, but that the wind may blow the solar racking off the roof. This means attaching the racking to the roof needs to be accomplished with precision, with the bolting being attached not just to the sheathing, but to the roof itself. Finding the precise center of the rafters is the best position to ensure that the installation is in place, so it can be beneficial taking the time to find it.

Installation on a flat roof is nothing like installation on a standard slanted roof, so it is best to build some kind of scaffolding on which to install the solar racking. This is necessary to keep the panels at the desired angle tilt. The materials that are on your roof will make a affect the cost as tiles cost more than other materials. This is because tiles are fragile and if they crack as you drill through them you may have to pay to have them replaced. Because of this, composite or asphalt roofs are generally the easiest to install upon as opposed to tile, as working on those can be time consuming.

The location of your solar panels on the roof can greatly affect the efficiency of your electricity production. Be aware that placing the panels in the shadow of any trees or other obstructions will partially hide them from the sun and will severely inhibit productivity. Also, be aware that in winter, the shadow of your house will move by about 22ft and could hinder your panels from producing much electricity for those long winter evenings.

Solar panels are most effective when your solar racking places them as close to perpendicular as possible. Because of the movement of the earth, the sun is at different angles throughout the year, so you will need to adjust the angle of your panels at least 4 times annually.

If you would like to find out more about solar racking, check online or ask for referrals.

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