I Don’t Know How To Attach Solar Panels To My Roof, What Should I Know About It?


Solar racking is not complicated to install, but you have to think about the safety of it and whether or not it will be durable and long lasting. The procedure is straight forward because you can bolt the panels into the rafters that are already there. Panels generally sit in some kind of rack-mounted system and are bolted down to the roof with brackets.

The thing you must initially worry about when learning how to attach solar panels, is not how much they weigh or the possibility of the roof caving in (even though these are essential things to factor in) but the level of “uplift” or “up force” that the wind produces that will blow under the solar racking. This makes it essential that the bolts are screwed fully into the center of the rafters and secured there.

When installing on a flat roof things work a bit differently, as solar racking must be built to allow panel tilt. The cost and amount of labor required would vary depending on the type of roof you have. Generally, roofs that have tiling on them will be more expensive and will take longer, because of the fragility and the time and effort it takes to drill through tiles. The easiest kind of roofing to work with is generally composite or asphalt.

The placement of your solar panels, whatever kind of mounting system you are using, can make a huge difference in the amount of electricity you are able to produce. Be very careful not to place your panels in an area that is shaded by trees or buildings or any other object. Note carefully that the shadow made by your house moves at least 22 feet farther to the south in the winter. If you place your panels within that distance, you’ll be very disappointed during those short winter days.

Solar panels produce the most electricity when they are facing as close to perpendicular as possible. As the sun travels at varying angles throughout the year, you need to adjust the angle to the sun at least four times a year. The closer to perpendicular they are, the more output you will get.

To learn how to attach solar panels or solar racking, contact a local expert or look online.

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