How Do I Go About Attaching Solar Mounting Systems To My Roof?


Solar panels and the solar mounting systems they reside on are providing a new means by which to power our homes, one that is quite possible the future of electricity production for individual residences. Solar panels and the associated accessories are not the cheap, but you get what you pay for and they will definitely pay for themselves over the next few years, especially if fuel costs increase consistently. If you are wondering how to mount solar panels the information below should prove helpful. Self-installation is not for everyone, but if you are relatively handy and are comfortable using tools then you should be able to do it. If you are unsure you can always have someone install it for you, but this will cost a bit extra.

Before you get excited and install your solar mounting systems, you had best speak to the local zoning board about whether you can have them in your neighborhood. Not all communities allow them, with others requiring a permit or pass to be purchased. Make sure to deal with all of this beforehand so you can focus fully on how to mount solar panels and on being safe as you do so.

Installing solar mounting systems isn’t a very complicated process, beginning with simply picking the location for your solar panels where they will receive the most sunlight (either the east or west side). You will then need to work out the latitude tilt of your roof. If you live below twenty-five degrees latitude, your solar panels will need to be tilted towards the sun in the amount of latitude number. Approximately four feet apart and on top of the rafters is the best place to situate your mounts and you can use the blueprint of your home or a stud finder to locate these.

Drilling holes is the next course of action and this must be done carefully into the rafters. You do not want them to split so be very careful as you do so. These holes will house the steel bolts that fasten the mounts to the roof, so it is essential that they be done correctly. Once the mounts are secured with the bolts it is time to apply sealant around them to keep your thermal envelope airtight and to stop water or damp from leaking into your roof.

Fastening the solar panels to the solar mounting systems should be easy enough as they should come with an easy-to-fasten panel to mount interface. Make sure that the solar panels are off the roof by at least a quarter of a foot as the resulting airflow helps keep the panels operating at peak efficiency. With everything in place you can now connect it to your electrical supply. Talk to an electrician about this if you are not familiar with electronics, as you don’t want to run any risks.

If you want more information on how to mount solar panels on a solar mounting system then contact a local business or check online!

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