How difficult is it to get Solar Panels installed?


Lots of people are turning to solar power at the moment, and with all the advantages it’s hardly a surprise. With solar energy you get something that clean, reliable and abundant, and you might just stand to make a profit too. The energy feed in tariff means that all your excess energy goes into the grid, and you get premium payments for it in return, so over the course of a decade you could have made tens of thousands of pounds from a relatively small investment. That’s without considering all the money you’ve saved on energy too.

The short answer is no. Finding a supplier is easy now that there are plenty of solar company comparison sites out there. Simply find a site, fill in your house details, and let them find an installation company for you. From here people can come out to assess your house, judge whether it’s possible to install (protected properties might not be eligible) and give you a quote. They can usually get to you within twenty four hours, and the average price is something around six and a half thousand pounds.

The actual installation is reasonably easy, although obviously it does need to be done by reputable professionals. The engineers need to establish a three staged system. The initiating part of this system is the solar panels themselves, which generate DC energy from the sun. These then feed into an inverter, which converts that DC energy to AC for use in your home. The final element of the system is your feed in meter, which will show you how much profit you’re making on your panels. Installation of all of these can take place within as little as a day, depending on your property.

Some companies can even do all of this for free. They will take the feed in energy profits in return, but you’re given lots of free electricity thanks to the installation.

So look into what’s on offer for solar panels in your area. It might be that you can have them put on for free, and in a very short space of time too.

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