Flexible Solar Panels for Any Budget


Nowadays, there is increasing demand for portable energy. It often happens that there is no grid electricity available when a mobile telephone, GPS or mp3 needs to be charged or for remote applications as the power for lighting, small refrigerators, pumping, GPS tracking and rural electrification.

In response to these different demands, Flexcell has developed an innovative range of solar products for the following applications.

Outdoor & Camping
The Sunpack is a lightweight solar charger which is compact and rollable. The Sunpack is your ideal companion for all outdoor activities such as, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, etc. All activities where mobility is key! It enables you to recharge your portable electronic devices such as, mobile & satellite phones, PDA’s, GPS’, MP3 players, and digital cameras. Easily transportable, it is also easy to use thanks to its universal cigarette lighter connector.

Marine & Yachting
The Sunslick is a lightweight, flexible and waterproof solar charger. Perfect for battery maintenance and charging, the Sunslick flexible solar battery charger has been specifically designed for marine & yachting applications. The Sunslick can be mounted on curved surfaces such as hatch covers, boat decks and vehicle roofs, or it can be tied to sail covers, dinghies and canvas awnings.

Off-grid & Remote
The Sunboard is a lightweight solar charger, semi-rigid and unbreakable (containing no glass). Perfect for 12V battery maintenance and charging, the Sunboard is the ideal charger for all small remote applications (rural electrification, garden house, caravan rooftops…). It is therefore shock resistant and easy to handle and install.

No matter where you may find yourself in the world or in the neighborhood, it is likely that you will want to have your cell phone and other electronic devices with you. Now you can feel safe in knowing that as long as there is some sun light, that you can regain the power you need to charge up these devices.

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