DIY No Sew Bow Tie

DIY No Sew Bow Tie

Fabric scraps
Hot glue

Bow ties add a touch of fun to anyone from a mans sweater, a baby onesie, or a headband of a young lady. Take a scrap of fabric and cut it into a square, along with a smaller square that should be about ¼ of its size. Fold the larger square in half, hamburger style. Next, fold sides in so the edges touch in the middle. Hot glue in hand, pinch the middle, giving you a ‘bow tie’ effect and glue. Be very careful as not to burn yourself! Last, use that little piece of fabric to make the center of the bow tie by wrapping it around and gluing the back in place. Even if you don’t like them as fashion, think of how cute they would be on a present package? The choices are endless.


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