Things To Consider In A DIY Solar Installation Project

solar power panels

The internet is a huge resource for DIY. There are DIY guides for painting the rooms, landscaping and changing fluorescent lights. It is good knowing how to do things theoretically. But knowing how to theoretically, does not mean you can accomplish complex jobs without the help of professionals.

Installing solar panels is one activity you should be doing on your own. The costs of the solar panels themselves should convince you not to mess with it if you are not an expert. Although solar panels are not electric, it does not mean that there are no dangers for wrong installation and wiring. But then, the solar power systems will be connected to a power inverter which turns low volt DC into a 120v AC power. Then, it is further wired to electric grids and batteries.

Now, if you are afraid to even tinker on the electric fuse in the fusebox, you should not do this on your own. This is because if something is done incorrectly, it may cause fire and electric shock. And there are safety standards that you will have to comply whenever you are dealing with power lines. Added to the complexity is the fact that solar panels are very heavy. You must check to make sure that the weight capacity of your roof can hold out the combined weight ofz your solar panels. Installing solar panels would require you to drill holes on the roof. So you should know the joists of your roof, or else, you will be drilling holes merely to let rainwater seep through.

Installing the solar panels can be really tricky as the lines have to be buried in the walls to ensure safety and durability. If you live in Kent, you should hook up with local solar panel installer companies who have employees with years of training and experience.

Go to Google and search, “solar panel installation for Kent” and a list of businesses in your area will be provided. Ask previous customers for references and company reviews to make sure that you are getting the right company for your project.

Going green with solar energy? For your solar power installation needs, get professional service. Search for “solar panel installation for Kent” in Google.


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