Is Your Roof Acceptable For Setting Solar Panels?

solar energy

Home solar power system is gaining popularity with a large number of people opting for such systems in their homes to save on their electricity bills. A solar power system consists of three components; the solar panels that are mounted on the roof, an inverter that converts solar energy into an alternating current that can be used to power various household gadgets and a metering system for calculating the energy collected using a solar system.

Normally a solar power system is directly attached to the electric energy lines. This enables the users to get the electrical power via the lines whenever their solar panels aren’t building sufficient solar power any time during the day.

Bearing in mind their affordability owing to the low priced electricity created by them, solar panels are quite practical for the residence owners. At present so many people are interested in installing these solar panels on the roofs of their residences but are not so certain if their home is ideal for them. Which is, the roof strength, its alignment and also the available roofing place and so forth. In reality many of the households are ideal for setting up the solar panels. We will explore a number of points that will help you in finding out whether your house is perfect for installing them.

One of the most important matters to consider is if the location where the solar panels will be positioned is shaded due to any kind of interferences. If you find that area is covered with the shade throughout most of the day, then you most definitely should select another place on your roof. Make sure you observe that location to be aware of the dose of light that it gets throughout the day and then, estimate that particular region to determine if it fits with the length and width of the solar panels you will attach.

Next, consider the toughness of the roof. Many roofs have adequate strength to hold the solar panels though one can get them examined by means of experts who fix solar systems on the rooftops. More often than not roofs are capable of supporting onto the genesis panels because they are not too heavy and multiple panels won’t push that much load on the roof. It’s also advisable to verify the local regulations and rules which apply in your case. When you have to make a few modifications in order to conform to the building regulations, you could first achieve that part.

Last but not least, you should look into the placement of the solar energy panels. All these solar panels need to be placed on a north pointing position to ensure the gathering of solar power. Slanting your solar panels at the best regard towards the sun is likewise vital. An angle of around 32° is perfect, although anywhere between 20° and 40° is excellent for about a 90% performance.

Based upon the structure of your roof, you will have to try certain fittings or perhaps specifically made supports just for changing the direction of the solar panels. In case you have a flat roofing, then it’s not hard to rearrange the direction and angle of your solar panel. Take the time to know each one of these points and afterwards move on to install the solar energy panels if you think that they’re right for your residence.

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