Getting Free Solar Panels


You can hardly have or earn things now for free. Those you see from the internet people offering free material basically just want to grab one opportunity, which is to get your email so they can market to you. You see you really cannot find free solar panels not unless you have some inside connection and this is a fact that remains until now. Because it is true that solar technology is still developing, this results also in the increasing price of the production cost of solar cells. Let us just pretend that I had a price quote from a solar company then suddenly they told me that an entire system would cost me over ten thousand dollars. Most likely it would take over 7 years to pay back my investment when looking at the sample price and in addition living in Oregon I weather didn’t always cooperate.

You may contact scientific universities if you are bent on getting free solar panels. More so, there are a few here in the northwest I know that have extensive solar projects. You might be able to get the solar panels for free when they are upgrading or have defective units. However, there are some disadvantages with it since the panels are usually modified or damaged basically because the universities are trying to get the most out of each solar panel, increasing its power output etc. Another place you can go when looking for these free solar panels are those companies that are doing the installs in your local area. There are panels which they will not need or use anymore.

The last place to go is eBay. They are surely not going to have these panels for free to you but at least you can get them at a steep discount. Basically, there are surely thousands of auctions on eBay every day which makes it so important for you to check often and daily to avoid missing any auction.

Today, there are also guides that can teach you how to make the solar panels for a price which is cheap. You see, the moment I was able to finish my entire project the power company is now writing my checks every month. I started out paying the project which cost me a few hundred dollars only. Time and effort were surely used as well; however it was all worth it.

Indeed, free panels are possible but are never easy to have. You are better off when you opt for cheaper versions. Another great option is to use the online guides to build your solar panels. More so, there are factors which you have to consider when starting your solar panel project. Better read my other articles to find out what those are.

When you query free solar panels into Google, do you find the thing you need? Next time you think about putting in free solar panels, you’ll observe that these links are what you really wanted!


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