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solar power panels

It is a relief to know that it is possible to have solar panels for your home and have the government pay for them. Or if it is not possible, at least you can possibly cut the cost of a residential solar power installation by 30% since the federal tax incentives have been extended. In addition, there are states which offer incentives and rebates. There can be some which may approach and even match the federal incentives offer. While there are also many utilities that offer rebates, a lot of those several cities and towns are sort of pitching in. Say for example there was a meeting at the Town Hall in Belmont. MA just promised recently to enlighten homeowners about how to have free solar panels installed on their homes. Including in the coverage would be the solar hot water systems and the solar electric systems. Some areas found in the country today can install a full household solar energy system very inexpensively.

Actually, when you look for free solar panels, it is not going to be that hard. A lot can consider the leaves of a plant as free solar panels since they use the light energy and convert it into other sources of energy. You can see the same situation with a solar photovoltaic cell. You see the energy of the sun is being trapped in the cells and this will be converted into electrical energy with the assistance of some semi conductor devices.

There may be large reduction in the purchase price and installation of solar panels for your home because these incentive programs can be stacked. Indeed, this offer can be a lot better than getting free solar panels since professional installation costs can run as much as 40% of the price of the entire solar energy system. You see it is very possible for you to get 60% or more off the cost of a whole house solar installation. Your energy bills which you will be getting every month can let you save some amount of money. And also with the help of grid-tied systems it is now possible for you to sell your excess energy production back to your local utility.

Those residents who want to install residential solar systems can also enjoy the interest-free loans being offered by a lot of municipalities. Those residents who cannot afford to solarize their homes in the town of Pendleton, Oregon may be given a chance since the place does the same exact thing to these people. On the other hand, you can also see town residents which got together and received a group discount on systems they bought for their own homes. They were very happy with the results. You can also have a federal program called Energy-Efficient Mortgages which offers specialized loans for alternative energy projects, including solar, for those of you living in an area where no loan offers are available.

Basically, there are different government programs which encourage solar in other ways too. Indeed, most local governments are willing to exempt a solar energy installation from property taxes even though it increases the value of the home significantly. You may even spread out the federal tax credit for over several years when the amount is going to be more than the total taxable income for the year in which the system was installed. Feed-in tariff requires utilities to pay a higher price for electricity generated by renewable sources, solar can be one example. This is also another factor which influences customers to be more engaged in solar energy. The different states like Florida and California are leading the use of these tariffs in the United States. Europe, on the other hand, has used these tariffs for many years now. The electrical rates are expected to rise steadily over the next few years, thus, it would be sure that other states will certainly be following their lead.

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