Can any Home Get Solar Power?

solar energy

More and more people are considering the advantages of solar power for their homes at the moment. Leaps forward in technology mean that it’s now a cheap and easy way for you to get all the power you need, and a bit more. The physical process of solar panel installation can happen over a day, so when you do choose it you can have it in no time. But what about the eligibility of your house for new solar power?

Thankfully planning permission isn’t usually an issue. All cross England Scotland and Wales these devices are classed as ‘permitted development.’ As such you won’t get any grief from the council unless your panels are a serious eyesore, or nuisance to your neighbours. With the compact nature of panels these days, this is very unlikely. Another aspect to check up on is whether your building insurance will cover the change. Luckily, lots of policies do account for simple PV installation, but you should check in case it will mean extra payments.

Listed buildings are obviously going to pose a problem for development too. If you’ve just moved into a charming old-fashioned cottage the chances are that the rules might restrict you from covering the roof in photo cells, as you might expect. Other physical considerations with buildings are the size of the roof and the direction in which it faces. South is always going to be best for solar power.

When it comes to paying for solar panels there are a few more happy surprises in store. Numerous companies are looking to take advantage of the premium rates paid to surplus solar panel power. Basically this means they’ll give you panels for free in return for all of your surplus power. So you get all the stuff you need for your home, and installation, completely free of charge. And if you do pay for installation, you can make tens of thousands of pounds personally on the surplus power.

At the moment it’s a really good time to take advantage of solar cells. Your home can get all the power it needs, and you might just profit into the bargain.

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