How Does Geothermal Energy Work?

Geo Thermal Energy

The term geothermal came from the Greek words geo and therme, which means earth and heat respectively. Geothermal is from the heat acquired from the hot circulating ground water of the Earth.

People have used this particular type of energy for centuries now. One of the most common sources of geothermal energy is hot springs. The ancient people use this resource for their everyday chores and needs like cooking, bathing and heating. Even these days, structures situated near a hot spring can obtain geothermal energy from this geyser. Nowadays, geothermal energy is commonly used to create electricity.

But how does a geothermal energy work? The heat coming from the sun directly goes to the ground. Since the ground beneath us is considered as an insulator, it reduces the passage of heat from the sun. Researchers and scientists concluded that to be able to convert this heat to power and energy large pipes should be placed underneath the ground where the heat is more stable and constant. The pipes will then be filled with water and a geothermal pump will push the water to the pipe ends. The water is then directed to a special boiler that will feed the converted power to buildings and structures.

One good thing about learning how geothermal energy works is the gained knowledge that it has no negative effects on the environment. Geothermal power plants emit about less than one percent of carbon dioxide in the air. These plants also have 97% less acid rain emissions.

The question on how geothermal energy works is best answered with the numerous benefits of the energy. A lot of people opt to use geothermal power because it’s almost free after the initial venture and it’s considered as a green energy. With the shaky economy nowadays, geothermal power is also an advisable alternative energy that should be prioritized.


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