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Meet Steve Howard, chief sustainability officer for IKEA Group, and three IKEA co-workers as they talk about where we're heading.  

How difficult is it to get Solar Panels installed?

Lots of people are turning to solar power at the moment, and with all the advantages it's hardly a surprise. With solar energy you get something that clean, reliable and abundant, and you might just stand to make a profit too. The energy feed in tariff means that all your excess energy goes into the grid, and you get premium payments for it in return, so over the course of a decade you could have made tens of thousands of pounds from a relatively small investment. That's without considering all the money you've saved on energy too.

Eight Tips to Decide on the top Photo Voltaic Panel to Use on your...

Many of us are moving towards employing solar power for electricity. Not only does this help in conservation of natural resources for a bit more longer, but also reduces one's electricity expenses. If solar panels (AKA solar modulars) installation is what you are considering for your home and just do not understand how to find the best, then this is for you.

The Solar Energy Advantages of Paint-like Solar Cells

Increasingly, more companies today are getting aggressive in their efforts toward the development of solar panel technology along with finding reliable strategies to harvest the limitless energy from the sun. Among them is Mitsubishi. Over the last few years, smashing the Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Cell Efficiency record and also the unveiling of the Electronic Vehicle Charging Station manifested the company's active participation in solar technology research and development. These achievements have made them a well known solar industry leader today.

Giving Some Cost Comparison “Online VS Contractor” Information That Should Be Easy To Understand

This article is going to be providing a handy little Solar Panel Cost Comparison "Online VS Contractor". The information given here might surprise some people that are interested in taking advantage of such a green technology. Then again, some readers might already know this stuff.

Solar Panels and Government Incentives

Many people will be concerned about rising electricity prices, especially with the knowledge that because of potential fuel shortages they are only going to get higher. The country's dependency on fossil fuels is something the government has tried to tackle by building wind farms, but getting past local communities, which are often very vocal in their displeasure, has led to the scheme being unpopular with large parts of the country.

Tips On How You Can Choose The Company To Come And Install Those Solar...

Installing solar panels at your home is something that has become a lot more popular in recent years as people go green. It is also true that the technology is now a lot better than before so it means you will be capturing more electricity and earn your money back in a fraction of the time however you need to be sure about the company that comes to install them.

The Number Of Grid-Connected Solar Installations May Be Expected To Grow

It is expected that the number of residential solar installations will increase in the next few years. Photovoltaic, or PV panels, can be mounted on the roof of the property, providing a large proportion of the energy needs of the residence. Most of these residential systems remain connected to the city or town's utility electricity supply grid. The grid provides electricity when the panels are not operational (i. E., at night time), and removes excess electricity during the daytime.

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